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Network services

In this page you can search for network services by filling in the corresponding fields. The results are displayed in the follwing table. Furthermore, you cat choose a service or a node for viewing.
Category Node name IP address ip_addresses__ipv6 Info Added Status
FTP Server WIMES-tom111 (#737) username:wimes password:wimes 09/05/2016 Active
Web Server pwmn.net_nafcender (#1125) 02/06/2015 Inactive
Web Server pwmn.net_naypaktos (#857) 05/15/2014 Active
Game Server pwmn.net_john (#1109) 08/22/2013 Active
video streaming Pyrgaki (#965) username ubnt password ubnt 01/04/2013 Active
Web Server PWN_Eco_AP (#21) username: pwmn password: pwmn 09/12/2012 Inactive
Web Server Pyrgaki (#965) Μετεωρολογικός Σταθμός Fine Offset WH1080 09/12/2012 Active
DC Hub (Direct Connect Server) X-heresy (#1015) 08/23/2012 Active
Time Server [ntp] xhaos (#212) 04/27/2012 Active
VPN Server (PPTP) WIMES-tsatasos_mes (#724) (TCP/1723) Υπηρεσία VPN (internet-to-wimes), Διεύθυνση: retsina.ath.cx, user/pass: wimes, 5 users max, Limit 128Kbps/128Kbps 12/13/2011 Inactive
Proxy Server (Web) WIMES-tsatasos_mes (#724) (TCP/8080) Ελεύθερη πρόσβαση για όλους, με block σε κάποιες σελίδες και συνολικό Bandwidth: 256Kbps/256Kbps 10/29/2011 Inactive
IRC Server pwmn.net_Araxovitika (#240) 03/25/2010 Active
IRC Server pwmn.net_Hawk (#312) (TCP/6667) 06/30/2009 Active
Web Server pwmn.net_Hawk (#312) (TCP/80) 06/30/2009 Active
FTP Server pwmn.net_Hawk (#312) (TCP/21) 06/30/2009 Active
DNS Server andreas-akrata (#166) 03/07/2009 Active
Proxy Server (Web) andreas-akrata (#166) 03/07/2009 Active
Teamspeak server wildbird.PWMN (#74) original TeamSpeak server 12/01/2008 Inactive
Teamspeak server wildbird.PWMN (#74) VENTRILO server (idia leitourgia me teamspeak, alla poly kalyteri poiotita ixou katevaste to client sto yparxei kai teamspeak server sto idio mixanima 12/01/2008 Inactive
Time Server [ntp] wildbird.PWMN (#74) sygxroniste tous router sas! info: http://forum.pwmn.net/viewtopic.php?p=10065#p10065 12/01/2008 Active
Web Server wildbird.PWMN (#74) (TCP/80) 12/01/2008 Active
IRC Server wildbird.PWMN (#74) (TCP/6667) 12/01/2008 Inactive
FTP Server wildbird.PWMN (#74) (TCP/21) anonymous logon 12/01/2008 Active
VoIP server wildbird.PWMN (#74) gia na sas ekxori8ei account steilte pm ston xristi "grigoris" (eite sto WIND, eite sto forum, eite sto irc) 12/01/2008 Inactive
Mikrotik Winbox wildbird.PWMN (#74) (TCP/90) DUDE server (network monitoring tool). mpainete me username/password pwmn/pwmn gia na pros8esete ton router sas ston xarti tou diktyou kanete add to community pwmn-dude stis ry8miseis tou snmp tou router sas. 12/01/2008 Inactive
DC Hub (Direct Connect Server) wildbird.PWMN (#74) WANA & PWMN DC linked 12/01/2008 Inactive
Web Server nat (#321) 08/05/2008 Active
CounterStrike Server (#) ..:::CS 1.6 Server AMX MOD aim & fy maps:::.. 06/08/2008 Active
audio streaming gAB (#241) 01/24/2008 Active
FTP Server pwmn.net_Panaxas (#133), always up :) 10/05/2007 Active
DC Hub (Direct Connect Server) pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) (TCP/411) Αυτό το hub αποτελεί δοκιμαστικά κοινό τόπο των Ασύρματων Δικτύων που συνδέονται μέσω του vpn Patras - Thess και δεν έχει σαν σκοπό του το file transfer μεταξύ των χρηστών του. Στο hub αυτό επιτρέπεται να διακινείτε μόνο νόμιμο υλικό. Αρχεία και προγράμματα που προστατεύονται από τους νόμους περί πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας μπορείτε να τα χρησιμοποιείτε μόνο για προσωπική σας χρήση. 09/13/2007 Active
IRC Server pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) (TCP/6667) channel : room, συνδεση με hellas wireless 09/08/2007 Active
Teamspeak server pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) Λειτουργει και σαν teamspeak gateway internet to pwmn ( ifaistos.no-ip.org ) 09/08/2007 Active
Web Server pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) (TCP/9000) Graphs for pwmn_Antoupolis 09/08/2007 Active
FTP Server ARGONAYTIS (#36) (TCP/21) anonymous 09/08/2007 Active
FTP Server pwmn.net_Panaxas (#133) 06/30/2007 Active
FTP Server TheKeyMaster (#2) (TCP/21) 06/30/2007 Active
FTP Server Asi_the_king (#135) 05/20/2007 Active
Proxy Server (Web) pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) (TCP/8080) free proxy subnet (port: 8080) 05/06/2007 Active
FTP Server trv (#5) (TCP/21) trv's ftp server! 04/26/2007 Active
FTP Server pwmn.net_Anthoupolis (#99) (TCP/21) - yian's ftp 04/22/2007 Active
audio streaming pwmn.net_Itmy (#108) 04/19/2007 Active
Web Server pwmn.net_Itmy (#108) 04/19/2007 Active
IRC Server pwmn.net_Itmy (#108) 04/19/2007 Active
DC Hub (Direct Connect Server) pwmn.net_Itmy (#108) 04/19/2007 Active
Web Server Tweety_SPN (#101) 04/17/2007 Inactive
DNS Server pwmn.net_Zion (#1) 11/06/2006 Inactive
Web Server pwmn.net_Zion (#1) (TCP/80) http://zion.pwn/wifiadmin http://zion.pwn/wind 11/06/2006 Inactive
FTP Server sostim (#7) (TCP/21) up all day and night long!!! 11/03/2006 Inactive